Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ontario Genealogy Society Conference

For anyone that is in the area, or is interested, here is a link for the

Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2010 in Toronto May 14-16

I really want to go, since it's less then 2 hours away...but I'm not sure if I can yet.

Has anyone been to a genealogy conference? What are they like? Worth the money?


  1. Definitely worth the money and then some! Especially since you are within a reasonable driving distance. You will learn a ton and it's a great opportunity to network with other genealogists. I see several excellent speakers on the agenda that I have heard and several more that I would like to hear speak. Sure wish I could go!!!

  2. Once you attend your first genealogy conference you get hooked - it's like crack. The best thing is being able to socialize with other genealogists - very often when we work on our own research, our families don't share our interest or enthusiasm. Imagine being able to sit and talk, share ideas, etc. with other like-minded folks!

  3. oh, you guys have got me wanting to go even more...lets see if I can convince my husband what an excellent DEAL this is, and wouldn't he love to spend a WHOLE daddy daughter day with our baby!? :)