Saturday, April 3, 2010

52 Weeks to better Genealogy - Challenge #14

It's week 14 for the 52 weeks to better Genealogy.(Geneabloggers and Wee Tree)
Here is what we were asked to do:

 Use a different search engine for your online genealogy research. Google is quite popular, but other search engines may provide different results. Try Yahoo! Search (, Bing (, (, Dogpile (, and even Clusty ( Pick an unusual surname and search it in different engines. Make note of the top 10 page returns for each. If you’re a genealogy blogger, share your observations on this experience.

I have become so accustomed to using Google as I am sure so many people have, that I forget about the other search enginges.  I tried various names and places in all of the above pages.  For the most part I the same results from all of them.

In my quick seach I cam across some pages I had forgotten I had found in the past.  So I quickly bookmarked them, they should provide me with some information when I have time to get back to them
I find that with google, while I get numerous "hits", some good sites often get lost in the crowd, so trying some of these different ones allowed them to float to the top so too speak.
I will be bookmarking these other search engines and will utilise them for sure when doing my searches.

This was a great exercise!

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