Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ontario - Local photos

Here are some pictures I took while we drove the country side this Easter on the way to my in laws in Niagara Falls.  During this trip, we were passing through lots of little townships where various relatives are known to have lived. I don't know if they lived along this road, but I thought I'd take some "drive by" pictures of some of the areas since it had me wondering where exactly they would have lived.

Some of the areas we drove through were Stoneycreek, Smithville, Gainsborough, Caistorville, Welland, Lincoln

It was such a beautiful spring day!

This last one is from a different weekend, but it is of the CN Tower in Toronto as we drove by on our way home. I don't believe I have any direct relatives from here, but I have seen York county on some marriage records, so who knows what some more digging will reveal.

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