Friday, April 16, 2010

Displaying your Genealogy

With all this work we put into researching our family history, we should be showing it off!
I'm just not sure how exactly I want to do it yet.  Everytime I see that Ancestry commercial I think about it.

I know I don't want to print off a "chart" because it is forever changing.  I was thinking of printing off some old records I have found, along with some black and white photos and putting them in frames. 

Do any of you out there have pictures of how you have displayed your genealogy?  I'd love to see them! Post a link if you'd like.


  1. Kelly I was swarmed at the Family History Fair yesterday, Everyone loved my Heritage stuff. I of course keep all I can in bound coffee table books. This preview is one of my hubby's family where we knew 'hardly any story' and look how much we uncovered. I hope all the pages load in this preview. It was made magically at Right now I have a free project for all new account sign ups.
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    Barb Ashcroft 1-800-919-1998