Monday, April 12, 2010

A light bulb moment!

I've decided on my next big task of orginization/spring cleaning.

I had been wondering how I could get the tons of records I have found on ancestry, onto my Rootsmagic family tree.  I didn't think it was possible.  My plan was to eventually print everything off.  But that would have been a LOT of ink, and paper!

Well with one simple question by me on Twitter...
Question? when U find records on Ancestry, do U print them all off? The background is always black so uses up lots of ink..any alternatives?

And the one simple answer from ACoffin...
@FunFamHistory Save Ancestry records as images.

I was like duh!  I didn't realize that I could do that.  I thought my only option was save on ancestry or print.  But with one quick look, I realized there was a button to click, and I can save it too my computer!

So now, I will need to do this methodically or I will get very overwhelmed.  I have a lot of records, some are for multiple people.  I will need to give this some thought before jumping in.  But knowing me, I'll end up jumping in with both feet!


  1. Glad to help! If you're feeling overwhelmed by the task, break it into pieces.

    I'm scanning a 100-page file right now. I will do 10 pages a day until it's done. I have a TON of scanning to do, so I'm always breaking the task into manageable pieces. You chip away at it slowly.

  2. I would second the digital copies idea. As far as possible I have gone paperless. I have one folder of original records (birth, marriage and death certificates) which have all been scanned.

    There were two reason for this, firstly lack of space for all the paper and secondly I now have the piece of mind that even my paperwork is backed up digitally if things should go wrong.

  3. Thank you both...I just have to tell myself that I don't need to finish it this week :)

  4. Thanks for this Kelly! I need to undertake a similar project and this helps me think about an easier way to do it than I was originally imagining. Good luck on your end!